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Supermarkets - Mini Marts - Off Licenses - Petrol Stations
AgesafeHD protects your license.


Have you failed an underage test purchase?
Have you been penalised for serving underage customers?
Is your license under review?

AgesafeHD is The Challenge 25 System that has a 100% pass rate for test purchases.



How does AgesafeHD work


The Law

The law surrounding the sale of age restricted goods to underage children is tightening globally. In particular the effects of alcohol on children have been highlighted across many countries and cultures. Governments with the support of police and local authorities have passed new legislation which in many cases has placed the responsibility to not serve underage firmly with the retailer rather that the child who is attempting to break the law.

Since January 29th 2010 there has been a two strikes and you are out policy in the UK. Meaning that a vendor which is caught selling alcohol to a child twice in a two month period could automatically face losing its license. In the UK, from October 2010 it will become illegal to serve someone alcohol whom appears to be 18 years old and does not produce an ID with a Hologram. AgesafeHD is The Challenge 25 System.


The Law
From October 2010 it becomes law that vendors must ask, view and record ID challenges from all people who attempt to buy alcohol and appear to be 18 years old.
The Public
Those members of the public who wish to assist the vendor with making a legal sale can opt to have their ID scanned and verified through AgesafeHD.
The Data Base
The vendor never has access to any of the detail contained on the customers ID and is only able to view a cropped image of the customers face, their age and the required hologram.
The Penalty
Vendors who sell alcohol to a child two times in a two month period face the possibility of six months imprisonment, suspension or termination of their license and a £20,000 fine.
The Responsibility
AgesafeHD is a tool for responsible retailers to assist in their desire to only make legal sales, it is also an effective tool to discourage children who attempt to make illegal purchases.
  AgeSafe HD is the Challenge 25 system where members of the public co-operate
with vendors of alcohol and other age restricted goods to make a legal sale.
  100% of AgesafeHD's customers have never failed an underage
test-purchase when using IDScan equipment.